How do you know your face and don’t know your heart? Don’t let the maids cheat you.

One of the worrying issues for people who are looking for a maid to clean their home is how to know if they can trust the maid you hired. And don’t be fooled later. These things require speaking skills to observe behavior. The history of housewives before employment can use these preliminary screening methods.

         1. Look at the CV with background and portfolio. by checking personal history, including first and last name, current address and criminal record Because the housewifery profession is a profession that must be reliable, honest and trustworthy. Whether at home, at work or anywhere else, you need a housewife with a good personal history that you can trust.
         2. Be professional. Pay attention to your posture at work. and must be honest Allows to find a housekeeper through a cleaning company. Or different online channels in search of a professional housewife to clean the house as efficiently as possible
         3. Organize a trial period Before conscientiously agreeing to hire each other It should be agreed beforehand how long the trial period will be to test whether the housekeeper can clean thoroughly until satisfied or not. And don’t forget to agree on the costs during the trial period.
         4. Agree wages well. Before you decide to hire a maid Whether you pay hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, each wage has its pros and cons.
Hourly wages can cause housewives to delay work. during monthly employment can pay for the cost of housing and amenities, including food for housewives, so these matters should be carefully considered. How to earn the most worthwhile wage
         5. Ask your relatives, friends or someone you trust. Finding a foreign housewife to work at home can be a bit risky. Therefore, it’s probably safer to hire someone you know on the recommendation of a friend or family member. Choose a specific cleaning company. Because these companies often also guarantee responsibility, because it is the reputation of the organization. This will make you feel more comfortable.
         6. Learn the law well. Finding a maid to clean the house You also need to familiarize yourself with labor laws. Especially those who cannot find their own housekeepers through intermediaries such as housekeeping companies. both about reasonable wages And do I have to report to the agency when hiring foreign workers? so as not to cause problems later

         It’s important to watch out for items that can get lost. or privacy is compromised If there is a contract that protects I need to hurry to finish earlier.

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