What should a good housewife look like?

find a good housewife May employers like you It might be a bit difficult. The qualifications that employers want from housewives are:
         1. Be honest Because you can find a housewife who is an outsider who cleans the house If something is missing Even if it is a small thing, it is not very valuable. But it definitely affects confidence in the long run.
         2. Be diligent Pay attention to details of household chores Because it is a delicate job. If the housekeeper is a friend of cleanliness and order, she will impress the employer and want to keep employing him for a long time.
         3. Smile brightly without frowning. Nobody likes working with people who always look dissatisfied. Although sometimes employers are a bit picky. But what a good housewife should do is suppress her anger. No facial expressions and gestures to create a good atmosphere between employer and housekeeper.
         4. Don’t bring the story into the employer’s house to talk out there. Because it would not be good if the employer knew that the housekeeper who was looking for a cleaning lady brought stories into her own house to pass on to others in a bad way.

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