5 restaurants in Mueang Chiang Rai District

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5 restaurants in Mueang Chiang Rai District

1. Tok Tong

         Tok Tong Restaurant is Northern food arranged in a Lanna style restaurant with a Northern Lanna atmosphere. Because the restaurant will have customers choose whether to sit and eat on the floor and serve food with Khantoke. But if customers don’t want to sit back on the floor, they can sit and eat at the table like a normal restaurant. The restaurant is open in the evening.

         The best menus of Pee Kruai restaurant, must order one of the menus: Kaeng Ho, Larb Kua Moo, Khao Soi with Chicken, Hang Lay Curry, Nam Prik Num, and Khan Tok Set. These are the menus. And the shop still has many menus to serve. If anyone likes the atmosphere Lanna scent Guarantee that this shop will definitely like it.

2. Nam Ngiao in clay pot, Aunt Eid

         Nam Ngao Pot Din restaurant, Aunt Eid arranges the shop like a normal noodle shop, but what is different from other restaurants is that Nam Ngao Mo Din Restaurant Pa Eid is a unique noodle shop in which the restaurant will make Nam Ngao in a clay pot, making it unique to the shop.

         Nam Ngiao pot clay restaurant Auntie Eid has a choice of Nam Ngao, pork, and Nam Ngao Wua. Both the pork and beef nam nam ngao soup has a rich, delicious flavor that is perfectly mellow. But if anyone doesn’t like to eat Nam Ngao There are also pork ball noodles and beef ball noodles to serve. Menus start at 40 baht.

3. Come and try

         Ma Long Te is another northern restaurant that has a beautiful restaurant with a Lanna style atmosphere. Looking at the mountain river view, delicious food, the restaurant is located at the same location as Art Kitchen. You can visit art exhibitions for free. Marlongte Restaurant There are many menus to choose from. Whether it’s a set meal or a dish. The menu at the shop has no less than 60 menus to choose from.

         The menu of the popular restaurant is Mini Khantoke, Sak Kam Tok, Sausage Fried Rice, Doi Yum Salad, Fried Pork with Nam Prik Ta Daeng, Nam Prik Ong, Hang Lay Curry, Nam Prik Num, and the shop also has water and desserts to serve. Butterfly pea flower water is served free of charge.

4. Thao Kae Ek Khao Soi restaurant

         Khao Soi Khao Soi, Tao Kae Ek, located near Wat Phra Kaeo, is a chicken Khao Soi restaurant. with many celebrities coming to eat at the restaurant The shop has both food and drinks. Thao Kae Ek Khao Soi Restaurant has more than 10 menus divided into 3 categories. and snacks Khao Soi menu will have Khao Soi with beef, salmon, Khao Soi with chicken drumsticks. Enter the soft ribs alley, Khao Soi Moo Yo, enter the non-meat noodles alley. And there are additional side dishes with crispy and boiled eggs. Ngew water park will have Beef Nam Ngao soft ribs soup Minced Pork Nam Ngeaw As for the appetizers, there will be dumplings, satay pork neck, fried chicken wings, Northern sausage, Tao Kae Ek restaurant will start at a starting price of 40 baht.

         Let me tell you that every menu in the restaurant is delicious. especially in Soi Nong Kai whoever comes, must order The water entering the alley will have a mellow flavor, the soft flesh of the floating Buddha image. Most customers like to order khao soi along with pork steak.

5. Hungry Wolf Steakhouse

         The Hungry Wolf Shop a steak house Italian-style restaurant, the atmosphere in the shop is like sitting in a wine shop brought from abroad to Chiang Rai. The owner is a foreigner and the chef is a foreigner. The food tastes like a foreigner, mild taste, not suitable for those who like spicy food.

         The restaurant has many menus to serve. There are various pizzas, burgers, steaks, BBQ pork ribs. various pasta dishes Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Leg of Lamb and various salads, and there are many more menus available. Prices start at over 100 baht. Because if you come alone, order just one menu, you’ll be full.

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