5 great restaurants in Mae Chan District

5 ร้านอาหารในอำเภอแม่จัน

1.Whaite Box

Whaite Box is a cafe.

        Next to the road at the entrance to Mae Chan town, the shop is decorated in a minimalist style. The shop has many menus to choose from, whether it’s coffee, desserts, desserts, cakes, ice cream, bread, and the starting menu of the shop is only 40 baht. Anyone who likes a chilling atmosphere, sipping coffee and eating desserts, Whaite Box is another shop. not to be missed

2. Nature at Mae Chan

         Thammachart Na Mae Chan Restaurant is a restaurant with a good atmosphere in the middle of rice fields surrounded by lush rice plants. There are many photo angles. There are a variety of food available, both savory and desserts, including northern and western food.

        The shop provides friendly service. Hundreds of dishes, millions of views Sit and eat among the rice fields with the wind blowing gently. Makes the atmosphere to eat the most.

3. Khammon

        Khammon Restaurant is a Restaurant Cafe & Bar with food, coffee, cakes, beer, and the restaurant also accepts parties. The restaurant offers very good service, the interior atmosphere is private, spacious, delicious food, many menus are available. And the important thing to order is Yen Ta Fo, very delicious. The other dishes are delicious as well.

4. Northern food, Huean Kat Chang

        Northern restaurant, Huean Kat Chang, near Choui Fong tea plantation. The atmosphere of the shop will be a facade with the surroundings decorated with beautiful trees. There are northern city food menus and noodles available. Northern foods include Sausages, Khao Kan Jin, Nam Prik Ong, Pork Bone Curry, Spicy Larb, Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao. Each menu is hard to find in some areas.

        In which the restaurant will cook everything by itself, pay attention to every step to serve deliciousness to customers, for those who like to eat northern food must not miss this restaurant.

5. N.P. Namnueng

        NP Naemnueng is a Vietnamese restaurant with a good atmosphere. Looking at every side, only beautiful natural scenery can be seen.

       Food from the restaurant starts at 45 baht. The must-order menus are Naem Nueang and Prawns with Sugar Cane, which these 2 menus are sold as a set and also have Fried Chicken with Herbs. Miang Red Tilapia Fish Salad with Pork Sausage Steamed Red Tilapia with Plum If you have tried it, you will definitely not be disappointed.

        And this is just one of the restaurants in Mae Chan district only. In Mae Fah Luang, there are still many delicious restaurants. If you want to eat but don’t have time to travel or are stuck at work but want to eat delicious food

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