5 businesses that invest in 2022 that are the hottest and most attractive to invest right now

        As we enter 2022, many people are planning to start their own businesses. Or want to quit your full time job Leaving the old circus to become a freelancer But I believe that many people who want to have their own business might think about the risk that that business can survive or not? Today we will analyze and recommend businesses that are likely to grow and survive in 2022. Which businesses will there be?

Real estate business

        for real estate business It’s still a hot business and making good money. by doing real estate business It is the development of land in various forms such as buying, selling or renting housing. Office buildings, shopping centers, industrial estates, houses, condos, including land Many people think that doing this type of business must be a capitalist. There is a lot of funding to do this. But you can start with a stockbroker. Whether it’s a broker to sell houses, sell land, get condos for rent. Get a percentage of the money you sell. which may be as high as 3-12% of the property value that can be sold

Franchise business

        If you have savings and want to have your own business. but still don’t know what to do Or have a business in mind but don’t know where to start? Buying a franchise is probably the best option. The current franchisees have a wide variety to choose from, from restaurants, beverages, education, etc., including a small investment in exchange for the franchisee’s customer base and brand. Including tips and advice to help with your franchise business. grow up well

Coffee shop business

        It is a dream business for many people. Someone who will have a cute little coffee shop, which is perfect for 2021, when more and more people start coming to the coffee shop. As can be seen from the reviews on social media. And in addition to coffee and delicious food. indispensable The coffee shop is a beautiful photo corner. to attract customers to the store So if you want to have a business that belongs to you, don’t wait because next year The Cafe will definitely come.

Health business

        from past events to the present Both in Thailand and around the world have to face the epidemic of COVID-19. The health care business is another business that will grow in 2021. Everyone needs to take better care of their health. Nourishing creams, supplements, and mask production are worth investing in 2021.

Sell products online

        Popular occupations for online sales. What to sell, everything depends on online sales to survive. Whether it’s making your own website Broadcast live through various social channels. and consignment sales on online stores such as Shopee, Lazada and many others. Everything in 2021 must focus on online sales mainly.

Make online media (Web/Youtube)

        It can be called the business of the future. From creating content on your own website and uploading vdos on your own YouTube channel, online media is now very popular. because it is an independent work that can use their own ideas to the fullest including good returns without investment

Buffet Restaurant (Shabu, Grilled Pork)

        For anyone who wants to do business as a restaurant But still don’t know what shop it is. We recommend shabu buffet restaurant or grilled pork with seafood. Although there are already many buffet restaurants But I can assure you that there is still a good location. much left Try to find good ingredients that are not very expensive to attract long-term customers. I can guarantee that in 2021 this year, there will be good income growing quickly.


        Dealership is another profession that can generate income for you without much investment. Use due diligence and marketing tactics to sell only that product. Nowadays, there are many products that can be sold as a reseller without having to stock up. Find customers who are interested in a product and send orders to the same store. We wait for a percentage from the sale. Because this is an income that does not require investment.

Import auto parts

        Nowadays everyone has their own car. Therefore, when having a car, it must deteriorate according to use. Sometimes it’s a small piece. zero loss It requires high technician maintenance costs. Therefore, ordering parts from a garage or an external parts importer is a good choice. Therefore, the business of importing auto parts is a business with good growth prospects in 2021.

Contactless logistics and transport

        Due to the epidemic, contactless deliveries have been made. Contactless is an operation and is rapidly adapting to consumer acceptance. DoorDash, Postmates Logistics of America is rapidly offering door-to-door pickup. which is very popular while men

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