Calculate GP before opening a food delivery business

        Today’s food businesses rely more on App Delivery because it allows easy access to customers. Create more than a normal point of sale. or the cost of having to deliver by yourself But do you know that actually using such a system will cause expenses called GP cost which must be understood correctly in order to calculate the cost of that product? Is it worth it or not? What is a GP study?

What is GP value?

        “GP is gross profit. It is the cost that the restaurant has to pay for the food delivery service.” As compared to the processing fee charged by the platform for promotion, it is similar to the processing fee. or offer various promotions so that customers are interested in ordering more Each application calls a GP differently. Normally, if it’s a famous restaurant or someone you already know, the GP rate will not be very expensive. However, the average cost of this GP is about 30-35%.

How to calculate the shop’s GP

        To achieve a clear understanding and be able to control costs and determine the price of each food to get a reasonable profit. You also need to know how to calculate the GP of these apps. Nowadays, almost all apps have 7% VAT plus, so we have to pay 37% service charge, right? the answer is no

Example of Grab food GP calculation

        The food delivery app’s 7% VAT or VAT is calculated on the revenue received from the food order, for example:

        Food order 100 baht, deduct 30% of GP fee = App receives 30 baht nIncome 30 baht, deduct 7% = 2.1 baht, which means that the restaurant will have an expense for using the service from such items 32.1 baht.
        From this example, it can be seen that the rate of 100 baht is used, which is exactly equal to the percentage. means that in each order The shop uses the calculation according to the formula, which is the selling price of food – 32.1% = actual income.

        Let’s assume another example. The food sold costs 250 baht, deducted by the GP plus 7% VAT, to be 250 – 32.1% = 169.75 baht. This is the total income from the sale of the food delivery app (80.25 baht already deducted).

        Let’s take a look at the expenses that the restaurant has roughly figured out. Assuming the price of a steak is 250 baht, deducting GP, it will be 169.75 baht. Assuming the cost of food is 150 baht, the profit will be 19.75 baht, etc.

        GP fee per app 30% GP deduction Transfer money after deducting GP fee the next day Lineman deducting GP fee 30% Transfer after deducting GP fee the next day if the value exceeds 500 baht

        Shopee Food Deduct 30% GP Transfer money after deducting GP the next day nFoodpanda Deduct GP 32% Transfer within 1, 7, 15 or 30 days (depending on conditions) nRobinhood No GP fee Transfer within 1 hour

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