Franchise Business Trends in Thailand Is it still worth investing in? Answers

Why do franchises? What is the advantage?

        The franchise business in the country has been growing continuously from the past to the present. And nowadays, the number of branches has also increased significantly, which many of you will see that each business has turned to sell more franchises. and different districts or provinces I saw more franchise business. This has allowed small franchisees to have more and more standards and growth. make the franchise business more popular It’s about getting good support from the franchise owner itself.

        At present, in 2022, it can be seen that the long-term trend of the Thai franchise business has the opportunity to grow continuously. and can expand at least 45% and grow every year, as well as related agencies Be it the government or the private sector, all come together to create a mechanism for business growth. and sustainable according to international standards This is to prevent damage that will occur at each level of the business. Which today we will summarize the advantages of the franchise why it has to be done And why do people like each other?

  • have a high chance of success
  • It doesn’t take long to learn. make profits fast
  • have a recognized trademark
  • save time
  • There is training before starting work. Makes it possible to understand the work and can build on it
  • Franchise support is available. or franchise owner
  • Contains advertising and sponsorship from franchise owners.
  • grow fast Don’t need a lot of capital


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