No secret tips How to make food delivery profitable

         When restaurant operators realize that food delivery is an important way to ‘survive’ their business and expand our business. But some people still can’t catch the end of the line. I don’t know where to start or how to walk toward that salvation. but don’t worry because today we have ‘Chef Job-Natthinee Ploythong’, a specialist and restaurant consultant from Makro Hakka Academy, an expert in consulting with many restaurants. Chef Job will show us. The importance of food delivery includes advice that every entrepreneur should carefully consider. when thinking about adjusting to ordering food

How important is delivery and how to ‘survive’?

         “You must first pay attention that Food Delivery has started in Thailand for many years, before the outbreak of covid-19, there were entrepreneurs already starting to deliver, but at that time it might only be about 20 percent of the total income. For restaurants, they can generate income from all revenues. Now, when the COVID epidemic until the lockdown last year many stores in the past that have never been adjusted to be sold in the app causing some sales to drop It can be said that the restaurant has no choice. Until now, consumers have completely changed their behavior. Shops are starting to realize that food delivery services are ‘the way to survive’ because we can’t wait for customers to come to us. I have to take myself to the customer’s house. Because not everyone will come to see us at the store. I dare to sit and eat in the shop for a long time. Just like before, everyone wants to survive together.”

         After giving birth, not everyone survives. Although almost all entrepreneurs are beginning to recognize the importance of a ‘survival’ method of shipping, not all merchants who are on the app are doing well. or even sell well but found

         when deducting expenses Going out may not be as profitable as you think. People may not yet know how to think and deal with this important matter. Today, Chef Job has brought together 5 tips that entrepreneurs must consider.

1. Do you choose too many foods?

         Suitable or ready to deliver from the store to the hand of the eater? Some store operators are accustomed to selling Dine In or Selling Out. when delivering on the app They tend to put every menu on the app. But some foods may not be suitable. or no way to manage it well in order to deliver to the diners The quality of the taste is similar to eating at the restaurant.

         Too many food items is not a plus. You should choose the right menu. “For example, you eat Pad Thai at a restaurant with fried rice ready. Delivered from the kitchen to the table in less than 3 minutes. And the fresh vegetables that come together are not bad. We ate delicious Pad Thai, but this is your restaurant ‘experience’. Or even if customers come to take home, no one complains. But don’t forget that when customers take home You make hot things and give him something. And when he took it out, it was his responsibility. Will the lines be sluggish or will they stick together? However, it is not the responsibility of the store. Because when will customers go to eat? We have no way of knowing if the customer voluntarily bought it. And he had to take care of his own food. That is a customer he can accept.

2. Methods of packaging and packing of food must be appropriate.

         Packing method and packaging selection It affects the customer experience in terms of packaging methods and packaging choices, no matter what food your store sells. Something every restaurant should carefully consider is this.

What packaging methods still prevent the food from losing quality and capture the beautiful image and rich flavor as it travels from the store to the customer? Because the way of packaging and choosing packaging will affect the customer’s eating experience. This will determine whether next time you will come back to use our service again or not. If the food pack is not good, the quality is not good, the customer may not come back to use our delivery service again.

3. Cost Management

         Entrepreneurs who decide to deliver with various applications He knew that it was inevitable that the cost of GP would definitely increase. It must be understood that many
         Food delivery apps cost money to organize and market on our behalf. Each app has its own cost if it determines GP on the basis of fairness. It is considered okay and acceptable. How can we profit from this cost as well? which, in principle If sold in a department store, the same price when on the app and then increase tenacity Customers who come to use the service in the store may feel bad, so the important question is products or menus selected in the app Is it a product with a profit gap? We will then design the food sold in the app, how to make a profit, for example sometimes selling basil at the restaurant as a single menu. May be slightly twisted into basil plus 2 pieces of fried chicken to make a set. and raise the price again Become something that the shop doesn’t have. This is a GP cost calculated price. Optimal menu design for delivery. When all expenses including GP are included, and the customer feels worth it. It will help solve the cost management problem.”

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