Recommended transportation companies in Thailand What types are there and how are they good?

Recommended transportation companies in Thailand What types are there and how are they good?

          If talking about shipping companies in Thailand In addition to Thailand Post There are also many private courier companies that provide various types of shipping services. Both companies transport parcels individually. Service charge is based on weight or box size. and truck rental companies to transport large quantities or large items. Each shipping company has different transportation services and service fees. to support various needs However, customers should study and choose the transportation company that is suitable for their own business in order to make the transportation as worthwhile and efficient as possible.

Parcel delivery company Send items individually

          Individual parcel shipping is a popular and familiar shipping service. Because it has an economical price Service charge per piece and convenient delivery at the branches of the transport companies that provide the service Suitable for retail e-Commerce entrepreneurs selling products online with individual product delivery. The service fee is charged per piece according to the weight of the product. or the size of the product packaging box Examples of parcel delivery companies are as follows:

  • Kerry Express
    There are over 5,500 service points throughout Thailand. Both service points at BTS stations and lockers in offices. Fast delivery Suitable for E-Commerce business
  • J&T Express (J&T Express)
    There are branches in 928 districts throughout Thailand, open every day. Monday-Sunday Including public holidays The service can be easily used through 3 channels: website, call center, and application.
  • Flash Express
    If you press to reserve and send a parcel through the application. Free parcel delivery, no charge. Open for delivery service every day. Excluding public holidays Payment for services can be made through Flash E-COD, where customers can scan QR to pay for products.
  • Best Express
    Even though I am a new person in Thailand. But has long delivery experience in China. and is one of the companies in the Alibaba group. To serve E-Commerce businesses throughout Thailand
  • Ninja Van
    Services for delivering parcels or various documents In the form of receiving the item from the sender and delivering it to the recipient. which can use the service through the application and is about to expand its branches to cover a wider area

On-demand or charter transportation companies

          Another type of transport company in Thailand that is popular is on-demand transport company or charter transport. It involves calling a delivery truck to pick up the goods at the designated point. and deliver the goods to the destination You can transport goods fully. Because there is only one person in the entire vehicle. Specify the time and pick-up point as desired. Suitable for businesses that need to move products, distribute products, businesses that need to move things from warehouses or factories. and transportation between factories or warehouses Examples of on-demand transport companies in Thailand or a charter such as

  • SCG Logistics
  • TheLorry (TheLorry)
  • Lalamove (Lalamove)
  • Delivery (Deliveree)

How to choose the right shipping company for your business?

          Transport companies in Thailand offer a variety of services. Mainly, it can be divided into 2 types: individual parcel transport and on-demand transport in the form of chartered vehicles. You can choose the right transportation company for your business according to the mode of transportation. If you are a retail business that needs to deliver products to retail customers. It may be appropriate to use individual parcel delivery services. Examples of business types include clothing and jewelry stores. and general use items But if your business is not a retail sale But it is a factory, warehouse or business that transports a large amount of goods. We recommend chartering a truck or using a large shipping company. Which is suitable for distributing and transporting large amounts of items, heavy weights, or moving large items. Choosing the right mode of transport will reduce unnecessary expenses.

Things to consider when choosing a shipping company

          After knowing what the shipping companies have We recommend the following points to consider when choosing different shipping companies:

          Transportation service fee This is an important thing to consider because it is one of the costs of doing business. You should choose a service provider that charges standard and reasonable fees. This may be considered in various promotions and discounts. obtained from regular use To achieve the most value
Other additional services That helps facilitate and increase the efficiency of transportation, such as a service to help with lifting things. This will help ensure fast transportation.
Damage warranty Because the goods or things that are transported have costs. If there is damage or lost items, it may affect the business to a greater or lesser extent. Businesses should choose a shipping company that offers insurance against damage or loss of goods.
          Quality of service It should be ensured that the transport company we choose has a standard level of service. Fast delivery And there are staff who can be easily contacted if there are delivery problems. Quality assessment can be done by reading information on the internet. Read various reviews and talk with the salesperson or staff of that transport company

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