Loei Province

Loei Province

       Loei Province is one of the western provinces of Thailand. Located in the lower northern region. It has a variety of geographic features. Consisting of mountain ranges, plains, rivers, and forests, there are many beautiful areas and nature here. Additionally, it has an interesting culture and history, making the province a variety of tourist attractions.


Tourist attractions in Loei Province:

  1. Phu Kradueng: is a national park with beautiful scenery of mountains covered with An Lin Fa forest.
  2. Tham Pha Tong: a cave with complex mountain features and stalagmites lying inside.
  3. Mae Pan: Beautiful waterfall with a falling height of approximately 150 meters.
  4. Wat Phra That Si Chiang Thong: A long-standing and highly respected temple in the area.
  5. Muang Nong Khai: It is the capital of Loei Province with interesting old knights and castles.


Culture and tourism:

       Loei Province has an interesting cultural identity such as local traditions and the making of a million-name art. Especially the art of frangipani weaving, and telling stories that have characteristics of a specific area, such as the legend of Phu Kradueng.

       Traveling in Loei Province is an attractive option for those who are fascinated by natural beauty, local culture, and clean tourist attractions. Relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Weather and travel:

  • Weather: Loei Province has a variety of weather conditions throughout the year. Summers can be hot and dry, so ride in an air-conditioned vehicle. When entering the rainy season, there will be frequent rain. You should prepare with an umbrella or raincoat.
  • Travel: Travel has many options. Can use private cars, buses, or airplanes. Traveling by private car has the advantage of exploring excursions independently. For traveling by plane, the only capital airport in the province must be used.



       Loei Province has very delicious local food. You can try Northern dishes such as Laab, Namtok, Koi Sami, as well as fresh, natural seafood and meat.


Interesting activities:

  • Nature travel: In addition to tourist attractions for mountain views and waterfalls. There are also other tourist attractions such as Mae Pan, Huai Luek, and Tham Pha Tong.
  • Temples and Viharas: Loei Province has beautiful and religiously important temples and viharas. which is respected and important in the community
  • Experimental Mechanical Activities: Some locations in the province organize mechanical activities such as hiking, and others emphasize participation in outdoor activities in nature.



       Loei Province is a tourist destination with both beautiful nature and interesting local culture. A visit to this province will be a memorable and enjoyable travel experience for those who love adventure and exploring new places.

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