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FoodDee Delivery

        FoodDee Delivery is the first online platform in the form of food delivery and consumer products owned by Thai people. Our services cover and extend beyond traditional food delivery, including convenience store pickup, express delivery, restaurant reviews, hotel reservations and reservations for various services with partners in more than 40 provinces across the country.

        FoodDee Delivery connects small and medium businesses as well as restaurant owners with customers efficiently. As we expand rapidly, We aim to introduce our innovative solutions to the international market. It leverages technology to increase convenience and satisfaction for both businesses and consumers.


FoodDee Delivery

“To foster economic growth and empower small businesses by creating a powerful platform that connects a wide range of business owners and service providers. facilitating access to a wider customer base and enhancing the digital presence of the country.”

“To be the leading platform that bridges the gap between small businesses and customers. and empowering the local economy through innovative solutions and a comprehensive marketplace.”

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Our services

FoodDee Delivery

FoodDee Delivery
App for users that gathers many delicious restaurants in one place

FoodDee Partner

FoodDee Partner
App for shops to manage orders and stores

FoodDee Rider

FoodDee Rider
App for food delivery (Rider)

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